7 Principles of Storytelling

At Klempz, storytelling is the process by which we create all branding strategies. Stories about the founders – their vision, dreams and values. Stories about the makers of the products – their passion and desires. Stories of change and impact on the world made by the Brand.

Here are the Seven Principles of storytelling that we follow. (Adapted from the book ‘Building a Story Brand’ by Donal Miller

When this principle is followed right from the start, we stop blowing the trumpet on how great or attractive we are and instead focus on how best we can guide and help our customer achieve their dream and pursuits.

“Positioning the customer as the hero in the story is more than just good manners; it’s also good business” – Donald Miller.

Identifying the problems our customers go through (external, internal, and philosophical) and making them aware of it is the second principle of our story-telling.

“By talking about the problems our customers face, we deepen their interest in everything we offer.” – Donald Miller.

The third principle of our story-telling is to guide them to solve their problems by positioning the Brand as an expert in the subject.

“When a brand comes along and positions itself as the hero, customers remain distant.” – Donald Miller.

It’s not enough to pose as experts, but also to have an effective solution in hand that can be showcased and presented to the customers. The fourth principle of our story-telling is talking about the solution.

“The plans should earn trust and offer our customers a clear path to stability, greatly increasing the chance they will make a purchase” – Donald Miller.

The fifth principle of our story-telling is to challenge customers to take action, giving them good enough reasons to believe in the solution offered by the Brand.

“Human beings take action when their story challenges them to do so” – Donald Miller.

The sixth principle of our story-telling is to make customers aware of the pitfalls and failures if they fail to take action.

“Brands that help customers avoid some negativity in life engages them for the same reason good stories captivate an audience; they define what’s at stake” – Donald Miller.

The last and final principle of our story-telling is to show customers how their stories will end if they embrace and apply the solution offered by the Brand.

“Everybody wants to be taken somewhere. If we don’t tell people where we’re taking them, they’ll engage another brand” – Donald Miller.