Turn the Covid-19 situation into a Blessing for your Business

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July 14, 2020 | | Business |

Yes, it is possible to turn this current situation into a blessing for your blessing, allow me to explain.

Just like you, even your customers and clients are struggling with something that can be directly or indirectly solved by the products you offer or the services you provide. 

But because your customers and clients may not be in the right frame of mind to make any buying decisions, for you to spend money on aggressive selling campaigns may not be helpful. Instead, there is a possibility that it could backfire and even jeopardise your brand name.

And maybe this is the right opportunity to engage your prospective customers and clients in a meaningful way build a positive brand image for your business. And hopefully, someday you will see the desired results if done in the right manner.

Therefore, instead of sending huge budget on hardcore selling campaigns, I suggest that you offer help, educate, spread awareness addressing the needs of your customers and help them with solutions and ideas to ease their pain.

Because of the lockdown situation, people have a lot of time in hand, and if they find something valuable, they won’t hesitate to give it a look.

You can do that by offering free advice & solutions in the form of articles, ebooks, videos, podcasts etc & in many other ways. The technical term for this approach is called content marketing.

Here’s how free offerings can help …

  1. It will build trust.
  2. It will drive traffic to your website.
  3. It will create prospects.
  4. It will provide qualifies leads.
  5. It will make your customers happy.
  6. It will give a greater return on your investment.
  7. It will create more brand exposure.

This article in a way is doing just that for me, but it is primarily coming from a desire to help, and I hope it makes a difference to you and enables you to channel all your efforts in the right direction.

If you have any specific questions, you can anytime reach out to us.

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